papers & talks

this page is a list of my more formal writings, in LIFO order.
there is not much to see here, yet.
less formal (blog) postings can be found here.

"Fuzzing 101"
Presented to UMD-CSEC on behalf of Trail of Bits, Fall 2018.
Slides pending.

"CMSC389R: Introduction to Ethical Hacking"
1-credit STICs course at UMD, Spring 2018. 14 weeks of lectures.
Course materials (Syllabus, slides, assignments) – Video available upon request

"Ruby Obfuscation Techniques"
Presented to UMD-CSEC, Fall 2017.

"Git 101: A Crash Course for Productive git Usage"
Presented to UMD-CSEC, Fall 2017.

"Mach-O Internals"
Presented to Cipher Tech Solutions, Spring 2016.

"EMFS: Repurposing SMTP and IMAP for Data Storage and Synchronization"
Self Published, Spring 2016.

"Cryptocurrencies, Reliable Storage, and Andrew Miller"
Shell Magazine, Spring 2015, Pages 16-18.
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park.