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a record of most of the concerts i've been to.
i like a lot of different genres, but ska (punk) is my favorite live music.

update: i've begun moving some of my videos to vid.me, with the new links embedded on this page. that breaks my unofficial JS rule, but i like adaptive encoding and using bandwidth that i don't pay for.

12/2018: this is and will remain out of date.


streetlight manifesto, irving plaza, october

opening act: dan p and asian man mike

i don't have any pictures or videos of this concert, sadly.


streetlight manifesto, best buy theatre, october


lucky chops, the knitting factory, march

opening act: the side project

less than jake and reel big fish, best buy theatre, june

opening act: authority zero

streetlight manifesto, the fillmore at silver spring, october

opening acts: sycamore smith and dan p


reel big fish, the fillmore at silver spring, january

opening acts: the maxies and suburban legends

humbalaya, the void, february

opening acts: ???

guerilla toss et al., palisades, june

opening acts: none.

streetlight manifesto

opening acts: sycamore smith and that guy who plays rocksteady for 30 minutes


KNOWER, gypsy sally's, april

video (youtube)

The Voidz, elsewhere, june

opening act: public access television