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battlestation chronology

7/2019: this is and will remain out of date.

the earliest battlestation picture i have, circa roughly 2013.

the old radio and television were scavenged for some RF experiments.

another earlier picture, probably taken around christmas (going by the candy canes and candy cigarettes).

i probably had the original image at some point (without speccy in the corner), but this is the only one i could find.

taken sometime in the summer of 2015, after the transition to linux on the desktop.

the samsung monitor on the left (which was scavenged) broke shortly afterwards.

the dormstation, with meta-reference to this page.

the dell monitor on the left was also scavenged, and is still going strong.

the new apartmentstation.

three of my walls are windowed, which has proven to be a problem for monitor glare. still, it's much bigger than what i had in the dorm.

added a vertical monitor that i got for $20.

a wider shot.

present day?