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things that are hard to search for online

this page is meant to be a collection of miscellaneous information that i've learned or found, but that was very hard to search for (e.g. google) online. hopefully search engines will index this page and it'll help some people.


the wire color mapping for beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones

date: november 2022

these are my normal headphones (purchased circa 2018). the cable broke after about 4 years of continuous use, due to the plastic sheath hardening.

to replace the cable, i disassembled the can with the line-in on it (lots of online tutorials for this) and found that my model had wire colors that didn't match the OEM replacement cable. the OEM cable had red, black, and white, while the board inside the can had copper, red, and blue.

here is the appropriate mapping (which wires should replace which when soldering):

headphone wire color OEM wire color
copper black
red red
blue white