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ssqdb is a tiny static quote DB, inspired by QDB and its siblings.

usage: $ ssqdb /path/to/your/quotes.txt

"quotes.txt" should be formatted as follows:

    <person1> witty comment
    <person2> witty response
    <person3> less witty comment

this site was generated by ssqdb version 17.

the latest version can be found here.

quote cards

ssqdb can use quotecard to generate an image for each quote, and embed those images as Open Graph metadata. this is chiefly useful for quote DBs where each quote has a single author.

quote cards can be enabled by passing --cards; the author for each quote is blank by default, but can be taken from either $AUTHOR in the environment, or from "IRC-formatted" quotes via <author> foo when --author-irc is passed, or from quotes that end with - author when --author-tail is passed.


in addition to the HTML pages, ssqdb provides a static pseudo-API:

note: JSON quotes are only available if --json was used during generation. expect 404s otherwise.