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bad companies

this is a list of companies that i think are bad, and that i try to avoid.

it's mostly for my own reference, but you can use it too.

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AXS / AEG / Regal Entertainment / The Anschutz Corporation

domains: concerts, movie theaters

reasons: anti-consumer, anti-LGBTQ, anti-environment

alternatives: local music and film venues

this company owns an incredibly large chunk of the concert and promotion business in the united states. it uses its dominance to charge extremely high "service fees," which it falsely claims are set by its clients (hint: they own most of their venues, so they are their own clients).

if you like going to shows in NYC, avoid The Bowery Presents they're owned by AEG.

as if seeking rent from artists and their fans isn't bad enough, these companies are owned by philip anschutz, best known for donating to anti-LGBTQ groups and operating in climate-change denial groups. going to coachella or paying for a show at one of his venues helps fund his activities.

Georgia-Pacific / Invista / Molex / Koch Industries

domains: paper, fabrics, electronics, chemicals

reasons: anti-labor, anti-environment

alternatives: other paper companies (GP), other spandex manufacturers (invista), other electronics firms (molex)

the anti-labor and anti-environment practices of Koch Industries are too lengthy to list.

Amazon / AWS

domains: online retail, web services

reasons: anti-labor, anti-union, tax-dodging

alternatives: buying local (most retail goods), B&H and newegg (electronics and photography), digitalocean and other hosts (web services)

amazon's anti-union and generally labor-hostile actions are well-attested.