class XDo::Search


Represents an XDo search query.

Queries can contain multiple conditions (such as matching both a window name and a process ID), as well as impose restrictions on the number of results returned, search depth, and extent of search (e.g., limiting the search to a single screen).

See XDo#search(query) for an example of using Search objects.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def #

Create a new Search.

NOTE New Search instances contain no query criteria.

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Class Method Detail

def #

Builds a Search instance via a DSL.

# find no more than 3 windows that are both visible AND have the name "Firefox" do
  window_name "Firefox"
  limit 3

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Instance Method Detail

def desktop(desktop) #

Search for windows on desktop.

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def limit(limit) #

Limit the number of results returned. By default, no limit (0) is imposed.

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def mask : SearchMask #

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def max_depth(depth) #

Limit search to a depth of depth.

0 guarantees an empty search, 1 limits the search to toplevel windows only. By default, no limit (-1) is imposed.

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def only_visible #

Search only for windows that are currently visible.

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def pid(pid) #

Search for windows whose (_NET_WM_PID) are pid.

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def require_all #

Require all criteria to be met, not just one.

This is equivalent to requiring the AND of all conditions, rather than the OR (which is the default).

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def screen(screen) #

Search for windows on screen.

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def to_struct #

Converts the instance into a struct compatible with libxdo.

NOTE You should never have to interact with this method directly.

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def window_class(str : String) #

Search for windows whose class are str.

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def window_class_name(str : String) #

Search for windows whose class name are str.

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def window_name(str : String) #

Search for windows whose names are str.

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