module Abbrev


Calculates the set of unambiguous abbreviations for a given set of strings.

This module is a straightforward port of Ruby's Abbrev.

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Constant Summary

VERSION = "0.1.0"

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Detail

def abbrev(words : Enumerable(String), pattern : Regex? = nil) #

Generates a table of unambiguous abbreviations for each word in words.

If pattern is given, then only those abbreviations that match the pattern are included in the table.

Returns a Hash containing the mappings of abbreviations to words.

# => {"crystal" => "crystal", "crysta" => "crystal", "cryst" => "crystal", "crys" => "crystal", "cry" => "crystal", "cr" => "crystal", "c" => "crystal"}

Abbrev.abbrev(%w{crystal ruby}, /^r/)
# => {"ruby" => "ruby", "rub" => "ruby", "ru" => "ruby", "r" => "ruby"}

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