about me

q & a

q: who are you?
a: my name is william. some friends call me will. some (mostly on the internet) call me yossarian.

q: what do you do?
a: i do research and engineering at trail of bits and write open source software. i once studied philosophy and computer science.

q: why is this site simple/ugly/lowercase?
a: i think it looks nice.

q: are you available for hire?
a: please see my cv for my status. i do not respond to third-party recruiters, and i am not officially represented by any recruiters.

computer science

i am not naturally talented at math, but have always been fascinated by logic and language. that fascination drives my current interests: compilers and program analysis, systems programming, and cybersecurity.

some buzzwords: automated vulnerability reasoning, static and dynamic instrumentation, multi- and inter-representational analysis, guided program exploration, program synthesis.


logic and language are topics of interest for me in philosophy as well, but ethical philosophy appeals to me most of all. in particular, i am interested in theories of rights and duties, as well as the problems of coercion and exploitation as they concern and (de)legitimize choice. i am also interested in moral education as it applies to beneficence, charity and authenticity (of the good/bad faith kind), and public discourse.

check this out if labels are your kind of thing.

open source work

i spend a lot of time tinkering in the open source community, both on my own projects and on larger ones. in particular, i am a member of the homebrew development team, the lead maintainer of kbsecret, and a sporadic contributor to several other projects. most of my professional work is open source, and i like it that way. i am not interested in professional work that is primarily proprietary.

you can support me by using one of the referral links below when signing up for a service. they help me keep my own projects and research available:

other facts

i have a lot of hobbies, but my biggest non-technical ones are bicycling and (ny style) handball. here is my strava.

outside of computer science and philosophy, i'm interested in a variety of fields: mathematics, linguistics, classics, latin, psychology, and literature. i'm interested in photography and visual arts as well.

i organize brothercon, a gathering for people who like terrible NYC dollar pizza.

elsewhere on the web

this is a partial collection of my online accounts, in no particular order.